We have different programs designed to bring out the best in you, your team and your organization,

Karolyn will use her expert facilitation skills to understand your needs and create straightforward, engaging processes to help you achieve your goals.  

All programs are designed to increase self-awareness, which has a powerful impact on our ability to learn and develop new skills to achieve our goals.


Intentional Focus: Essential Leadership Skills for the Workplace

During Intentional Focus you will learn and develop essential skills and behaviours to:

  • manage and reduce conflict,
  • plan and solve problems, collaboratively,
  • increase your productivity and energy,
  • communicate so your needs and ideas are understood,
  • handle stress so you are at your best when it matters most, and grow your confidence to take on challenges you never thought possible.

    You will also increase your emotional happiness, mental focus, and sense of meaning and purpose in life.   And have fun doing it!

One-on-one  Planning and Accountability

When you have a thoughtfully designed personal action plan that takes self-care and energy maintenance into account and you combine that with support to learn and accountability, support with problem and conflict solving, big changes can happen.

  • Clarify goals that align with the life and work you want to design.
  • Strategize how to achieve the results you want.
  • Create a plan to accomplish what you want and to overcome any blind spots and barriers you identify which might get in the way.

Training and Programs for Businesses, Organizations, and Teams

Winding Path Inc. offers the following high-impact training for businesses, organizations, and teams:

  • Coaching for Performance Management Skills for Directors, Managers and Supervisors to Improve Employee Performance
  • Team Collaborative Planning, Decision-Making, and Problem-Solving Skills
  • Work Life Balance for Sustainable Productivity and Wellness 
  • Productivity, Organizational Skills, and Time Management 

Strategic Action Idea Generation Sessions

Building on your existing vision, mission and goals, Karolyn will design and facilitate an engaging and effective process to generate many new action ideas with your team. You will receive a useful document outlining the strategic action ideas (how to realize your vision, mission and goals), your decisions relating to timing, who will take the lead and who will be involved. She will support your team, so everyone can participate without managing the process too, in making and recording hundreds of useful decisions.

Team Collaborative Planning, Decision-Making and Problem-Solving

Not every decision or problem should be addressed through collaboration. Issues of low importance or in situations where quick, decisive action is essential, collaboration may be inappropriate. However, when the stakes are high, good relationships among those involved are important and consensus and commitment among all parties matters, collaboration reduces team conflict and leads to better results.

Winding Path’s collaborative team planning, decision-making, and problem-solving training will develop your team’s ability to communicate and collaborate. They will learn to work through issues and make decisions in a way that will meet their work-related needs, to the degree possible given resources, and meet your organization’s needs.