At Winding Path Inc. our client work remains confidential, however, from time to time, clients encourage us to share their experience with others.

“I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it. I don’t have a second to spare. I have been to a lot of workshops that I haven’t gotten much out of. Going to the Winding Path workshop turned out to be the best possible use of my time. As a result of the workshop I am different, I am doing things differently, I am interacting differently and interacting with new people. The changes in me are leading to new results, better results – everything is just falling into place. The confidence and openness I feel now seems to draw people in and draw in better results. It’s like people want to ride the wave with me.

I picture my future differently since the workshop. I feel really empowered. I feel like smiling all of the time. I am facing new challenges, not avoiding them. The workshop changed my life and I now see my future differently. I haven’t felt like this in a long time, if I ever did.“

Susan Zambonin

“Karolyn’s work with my teams has been transformative. Whether working to develop a strategic plan with senior management or facilitating workplace issues with frontline staff and managers, Karolyn is always empathetic, energetic, and focused on collaborative solutions. Karolyn is able to bring differing viewpoints together, so everyone contributes to finding solutions and new directions. Karolyn keeps the focus on organizational needs while facilitating employee engagement, so the result is a win-win for all. Karolyn’s leadership and passion are always evident in her work as a facilitator. Fortunate is the team that has Karolyn lead them through change.”

Kathleen Simmonds, Director of Libraries and Archives, Education and Lifelong Learning

“I’ve taken a lot of workshops and courses during my 30 year public service career and can honestly say the Winding Path program is one of the best I’ve ever taken. From the first email I received, I had a feeling it was going to be a life changer and that’s exactly what it turned out to be. I discovered deep rooted beliefs that were keeping me stuck in self-limiting thought and behaviour patterns, preventing me from reaching my full potential, both personally and professionally. The workshop leaders created a safe and supportive environment that allowed me to dig deep below the layers of fear and doubt where I discovered a source of great inner strength and courage that had been lying dormant for many years.

[Since the workshop], I have gone on many new adventures I always thought I couldn’t do because I wasn’t enough – strong enough, brave enough, athletic enough. I no longer feel the need to seek external validation. I am more confident. I’ve re-discovered my creative side that had been hidden away for more than 40 years. I’m excited about the future and am more committed than ever to taking personal responsibility to live out my life purpose and not settle for anything less.”

Patricia Doiron

“Before starting the program, I found that I was constantly feeling stressed, tired, and weary. It felt like I was spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere. I have 3 young children and a career that is demanding. I love my job but was not feeling as fulfilled in my role as I previously had. I was being pulled in a million different directions and felt as if I was doing so many things but not doing any of them as well as I would like. I was burnt out.
The program offers comprehensive, real-life, put into practice techniques that help you focus on the things you need to address in your life in order to do better and be better professionally and personally. Karolyn has cultivated, in our group, a very welcoming, safe, open space in which we are free to speak honestly and are encouraged to be our most authentic selves while we learn skills that help us develop into efficient, focused, productive leaders, community members, parents and partners.”

Ashley Dooley

“Bit by bit, I could feel myself growing.  I was handling myself differently at work.  I felt more organized and effective.  I wasn’t as stressed about little things.  I was more confident. We are a little over halfway through the program, so I’m not sure where this will take me.  And I already feel different and I know others are noticing it too.  I actually feel like I am operating at a higher level now – both intellectually and emotionally.“

Heather Nicholson

 “I had had a year of changes – a new business, a cross country move, and a deep personal loss. I was feeling like there were so many things that needed to be improved that I didn’t know where to start. I felt uninspired, lost and, at times, hopeless. Everyone had a chance to be listened to and gently challenged. I learned a lot about myself from the program. It gave me the confidence to recognize my value and worth, which led to a life changing decision that has spilled over into my professional life and I’ve just had the best month of business to date. This re-ignition of hope is priceless and profound. I am experiencing my day to day life in a different way – more grounded in myself – and this is something I’m grateful for each day.”

Dr. Cassandra Goodwin

“Intentional Focus has taught me essential skills and behaviours to help me manage and reduce conflict and stress and solve problems collaboratively. The program takes participants on a path of self-discovery. For me it has helped unveil what I needed to see both professionally and personally. Karolyn’s continued supportive exploration and encouragement has been exactly what I have needed to recognize and eliminate some destructive habits. The Intentional Focus program has challenged me to dig deep within myself with an open mind and willingness to expose and do what is necessary to change what was not contributing to a balanced life.”

Cara Squires

“I felt like I was losing steam, or had plateaued professionally, which lead to lower productivity and energy in the workplace and at home. The program offers a safe place to explore experiences and blind spots in both your personal and professional life. It then builds upon these explorations to give you the tools and core behaviors that you can use immediately in real-life. Intentional Focus really has been life changing. I apply many of the lessons and behaviors learned in all aspects of my life and have seen many benefits already. I feel re-energized and clear headed again.”

Carolyn McCarville

“The workshop was such a different experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat. It gave me confidence again. The week after the workshop I took my first steps that have led me to starting my own business. The workshop gave me the confidence to go back out into the world.
It woke me up from my numbness.”

Carol Doyle