One-on-One Planning and Accountability

Karolyn can help you:

  • Clarify goals that align with the life and work you want to create;
  • Strategize how to achieve the results you want;
  • Create a plan to accomplish what you want and to overcome any blind spots and barriers you identify which might get in the way.

When you have a thoughtfully designed personal action plan that takes self-care and energy maintenance into account and you combine that with support to learn and accountability, support with problem and conflict solving, big changes can happen.

The Program:

You’ll begin by completing a confidential comprehensive planning document to provide some information about your current situation, your dreams, and your aspirations.

During the first meeting, we clarify the optimal place to begin and by the end of the hour, you’ll have identified some action steps to take in the month ahead and we will schedule a follow-up meeting.

You will receive support as you move through the personal strategic planning process:


  • to develop realistic monthly action plans;
  • to address challenging roadblocks as they arise;
  • to shift mindsets or behaviours getting in the way of taking action;
  • to identify new behaviours and habits that will move you towards your goals;
  • to update or add to your action plans as circumstances change, or as new insights and personal and professional growth occurs;
  • with follow-through and accountability when natural slip-backs occur;
  • with problem solving and conflict solving; and
  • for encouragement to continually move towards achieving your best life.

You can choose the program that’s right for you, from 2 months to 12 months (services are not provided in July or August).  The programs include: initial comprehensive planning document assessment, monthly one-hour meeting and short planning summary provided following each meeting.

If you are an employee, owner or manager of a private-sector business, you may be eligible for program funding. You can find more information HERE

For more information, contact Karolyn Godfrey at: