Intentional Focus:

Essential Leadership Skills for the Workplace

Time and energy management, productivity, confidence, communication, problem-solving, conflict management, and collaboration skills are more important in determining success and satisfaction among similarly trained colleagues than academic knowledge or technical skills.

Without these crucial behavioural skills, we are unable to fully leverage our education, talent, and experience in a sustainable manner. It is amazing what happens when you do!

For the first time in a long time I feel excited about the future.”

The Program:

During Intentional Focus you will learn and develop these essential skills and behaviours. You will also increase your energy, emotional happiness, mental focus, and sense of meaning and purpose in life. And you will have fun doing it!

You will be supported to take on a challenge that will change your perspective of what you are capable of and test behaviour which will lay the foundation for your continued success.


Research in education and brain-based learning theory indicates that experiential education is the most effective method for accelerating meaningful behavioural change and skill development. When we learn through experience, inquiry, critical thinking, and interaction, our insight is more likely to lead to perspective shifts that will change our behaviour in a meaningful and lasting manner.


You will attend seven full-day group sessions from 8:55 am to 4 pm and one half-day session from 8:55am to 12pm. You will test behaviour, review material, and practice skills in between sessions. Lunch is on your own from approximately 12-12:45 pm. 

Please check to ensure you are able to attend all sessions prior to registering.


Program Outcomes

Productivity and Wellness

  • identify patterns of behaviour and blind spots which reduce capacity for high performance and sustainable productivity
  • learn strategies to overcome procrastination, improve time management and ability to manage distractions
  • identify strategies to increase wellness and manage stress
  • learn how to increase your physical energy, emotional happiness, mental focus and sense of meaning and purpose in your life

Collaboration and Conflict Management

  • learn to reduce assumptions and increase understanding when trust has broken down
  • learn the process and skills to resolve and prevent conflict
  • learn the key skills to shift from conflict to collaboration

Communication Skills

  • learn how to communicate so others will listen
  • manage electronic communication efficiently
  • effectively give and receive feedback 
  • improve collaboration and problem-solving skills

Program Cost

Registration Fee is $1895 plus hst and includes all materials. Enrolment is limited, so register soon. This is a small group program. Registration is assured upon payment.

If you are an employee, owner or manager of a private-sector business, you may be eligible for program funding. You can find more information HERE

This work-related training is covered by most public and private sector training and development funds. Employers recognize the work-related value of Intentional Focus and often financially support their employees to attend.



Program Dates

The current offering is full. If you would like to be placed on a wait list and notified when new dates are set, please message Karolyn at                     

ENROLMENT LIMITED.                                                                     

Each day, with the exception of day 8, runs from 8:55am to 4pm. Lunch break is on your own from approximately 12 to 12:45pm.

You will test behaviour, review material, and practice skills between sessions.

  1.  1. Thurs, March 14/24 (storm March 15/24)
  2.  2. Thurs, April 18/24
  3.  3. Thurs, May 23/24
  4.  4. Thurs, June 27/24
  5.  5. Thurs, Sept 26/24
  6.  6. Thurs, Oct 24/24
  7.  7. Thurs, Nov 21/24
  8.  8. Morning of Thurs, Nov  20/25